Zest unmasked


Zest,the prince of all Yautja,was born in the year 2213.He was born into royalty as his grandfather was the king at the time.Like all Omega Yautja he was raised on the part of Yautja Prime where the gravity is much more dense.Soon he grew into a magnificent young Yautja,with strength and bravery that is unmatched.His father,Zel'no'di,raised him into an honorable Yautja.

Early YearsEdit

Before Zel'no'di became king,he started to train all of the Yautja children in is own 'boot camp'.Zel'no'di's children along with hundreds of other Yautja younglings trained to survive hunts.In this 'camp' Zel'no'di hosted a tournament to find Zest's future mate.In this tournament many female Yautja fought but only one female won.That female Yautja was none other than S'loss' child,Zaf'el.Unlike most Yautja,Zest killed his first xenomorph at the very young age of 23.


  • Zel'no'di-Father
  • Zetta-Sister
  • Zaf'el-mate
  • S'loss -"Father in Law"
  • Braiidus-Uncle
  • Draiel-Uncle

Future Appearances Edit

  • Predatorial Halo:Love of a Yautja-Zest makes an appearance along with Zaf'el,S'loss,and Zel'no'di.Plot-Shows the details of the tournament that Zel'no'di host for Zest future mate.