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Zahsal is the mother of Dylan Peterson. She is a wife of a human, and has two children, Dylan and Bryan. Her husband, Ben, is a very disapproving man, one who doubts all female powers. Zahsal is Dylan's mentor, seeing that she was more Saiyan then her own brother. Zahsal is 38 years old. During the events of DragonBall Z:Duel of the Ultimate Saiyans, she was killed by Frieza's Death Blast, similar to how Vegeta first died. After the events of Dragon Ball Z:Duel of The Ultimate Saiyans, she divorced her husband and took Dylan with her.


She is able to go Super Saiyan 3 for long periods of time. Her father escaped Frieza's control, and came to Earth for a new start. She has mastered the Galick Gun, ki blasts, and most energy attacks. She is incredibly fast, and used to spar with her beloved brother, Goruto. The two trained together under their father's wing. Her tail was cut off during a match. She often attempts to create the Spirit Bomb with little success.


Zahsal is a head-strong, prideful woman. She will never accept defeat, and will always protect her family. Zahsal has black hair, brown eyes, and wears her old Saiyan uniform for matches. Her hair is cropped short, but her hair grows long when Super Saiyan 3.


Ben Peterson (ex-Husband)-39 yrs old

Dylan Peterson(Daughter)-16 yrs old

Sins(Duaghter)-28 yrs old

Raasz(Husband,Saiyan)-Deceased, but brought back to life

Bryan Peterson(Son)-13 yrs old

Goruto(Brother)-47 yrs old

Torock(Brother's friend & rival)-Unknown

The Other WorldEdit

When Zahsal and Dylan were slain brutally, they watched the battle for Earth from the Other World. There, she was reunited with her husband, the real father of Dylan, Raasz. Raasz still had his body. He cried as he hugged his daughter, and there Zahsal told Dylan who he was.

Raasz was slain by Buu on the planet Zahsal and Raasz were living on. Buu had wanted their child, and Raasz intervened and was slain. In fear, Zahsal escaped, but barely. Buu tried to absorb Raasz and Zahsal before he died. Dylan was in tears as she met her father. During the events of DragonBall Z:Duel of the Ultimate Saiyans, she tells Gogeta to bring her family back, which was Zahsal, Dylan, Goruto, and Raasz.