The company Edit

An up and coming company called Xavian industries,created a drug designed to relieve pain,the drug was called Xylene,the company was founded by Victor Xavian,a fourty two year old Italian immigrant.The company was based in London.

The drugs effects Edit

For the first two weeks,it sends mico organisms that attack pain sensors,after attacking,pain is taken away,after another week the mico organisms attack the higher brain functions,limiting them to eating and moving,after that,it attacks the heart,stopping blood circulation,the drug is actually a fluid born virus,meaning it is transmuted through saliva from biting,and contaminated blood,and contaminated water.The virus transforms them into zombies of sorts,however they are faster then the undead creatures.After it goes into the body,it becomes black,and causes the specters to leak it.

Variations Edit

The Banshee virus a virus that is disguised as a cold and flu symptom reliever,however it is engineered to rewrite the genes of a living organism ,it then attacks the brain functions,limiting the mutants into mindless killing machines.

Spread Edit

It was spread after somebody threw away the Xylene drug in the sewer,it spilled and rats then drank it,the rats then infected each other,,through biting,one of them then journeyed to the surface and bite a woman,over time the woman infected people,and then they were infecting people,creating an army of the "specters" ,the name given to infected individuals.