2013 Edit

In t minus 5,4,3,2,1 launch,BOOM,the space shuttle launched into space the team launched into space to it's mission to go into the saturn moon Titan the only moon or planet besides earth to have an atmosphere or water bodies."I wonder what it'll" be like said Adrianna while floating from low gravity " well I sure hope it's better than earth" said Tristan " I hear you" said Elijah looking up at the ceiling from his bed and drifted up into sleep.

Titan Edit

2 months later.The crew finally reached Titan amazed,their medic Aziel stayed on the ship,the crew looked at the beautiful unpolluted lakes and tall

Mountains,suddenly Tristan took his mask on and inhaled deeply,"the air here's clean," he said "well I don't think we should take our helmets off"said Elijah and he was right for the future events start from here.Titan had beautiful mountains and clear water it was sunny and warm suddenly Tristan coughed loudly and coughed up blood and his eyes were bleeding ,"get back on the ship!" Elijah shouted and adrianna got on,Elijah helped Tristan onto the ship and brought to aziel.

Virus Edit

"I have to research him" aziel said "but he's sick,iv never seen a virus like this and it was so quick" aziel exclaimed " wanna see him" aziel said "is it bad?" Adrianna asked "that's an understatement,it's really bad"aziel dully said Eli and adri went to tristans bed and what they saw was aweful, tristans face had exposed flesh and his eyes were bleeding,he was getting very thin and you could see his bones through decayed flesh.

Biohazard Edit