One of the Siamese Twins unmasked

The Siamese Twins are two sisters. They are Albert Wesker's most trusted companions and bodyguards. Despite their fragile appearance, they are extremely dangerous and a formidable opponent. Both sisters are immune to the viruses that cause the zombie outbreak. As children, both had feline DNA injected into them while they were in the womb.


The twins have dark grey hair, blue-green eyes, and a light complexion. They wear a long sleeved shirt, the color of red, and a short black skirt with tall boots. They also have a cat based mask, which they wear to confuse their enemies. Both are beautiful, and both are romantically interested in Albert.



Lilai is the first born twin. She, like her sister, is seductive, dangerous, and cunning. She is more serious than her sister, and enjoys the pleasures of her life. She does not like humor, or silly things, and demands elegance.


Yuki is the second born twin. Like Lilai, she is beautiful, dangerous, and clever. Unlike her sister, she is more casual and seductive. She enjoys a good joke, and would be the twin who buys fake vomit. However, working under Wesker and Lilai, she's becoming more serious in her job.