Saiyan version 1 by BK 81

Sins is a DragonBallZ fan character created by YueHatake. Please don't edit without the writer's permission.


Sins is an evil Saiyan, and whil fighting alongside her team at a young age, she ruthlessly slayed her OWN team. Her hate for her own family and race is enough to confuse even the once alive King Vegeta. Yes she was the strongest, yes she has low class parents, but she still harbored hatred.


Sins is a pure-blooded Saiyan. Her father is Raasz, her mother Zahsal. The family is in the low class warriors, yet they are more powerful than most elites. Sins is 28 years old. She wears traditional Saiyan armor. She has black hair, black eyes, and a mean sneer.


Zahsal(Mother)-38 yrs old

Raasz(Father)-deceased, but brought back to life



Bryan(Half Brother)-13