The Sheiji Corps is a diverse group of civilians and soldiers shown in Sailor Moon: Between Dusk and related series. The corps is, despite being a division of the US Navy, a joint effort of the navies of Japan, USA and Canada. It was formed on 1930 by US president Herbert Hoover, Japanese prime minister Osachi Hamaguchi and Canadian prime minister R. B. Bennet, and among its ranks you can see various soldiers and civilians from around the world, including the well known Sailor Sheiji commanded by the series' eponymous Sailor Moon.

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The Sheiji Corps features a wide array of members from around the world. Soldiers, sailors, civilians, marines, mercenaries, and more. This is the only division of the US Armed Forces where the fineline between the armed forces and civilians dissapears, thus making integration a key part of the Senshi Corps.

One of the most famed members are the Sailor Sheiji, led by canadian-japanese Sailor Moon, among several known members that are from various countries of the world.