Serena Usagi Tsukino, operating under the alias Sailor Moon, later on Captain Sailor Moon (born July 6, 1985) , is a Canadian-Japanese mercenary hired by the US Navy to protect the world against the Negaverse and it's evil army. While in the original Sailor Moon she is a carefree schoolgirl, Sailor Moon: Between Dusk introduces her as a apparently soulless, action hero-like grown woman without emotions but with a sense of justice. The present incarnation of Princess Serenity, she has the memories of said princess since she was born (not much like the original series) and also serves as the series' narrator.

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Serena is a tall, fit woman in her late twenties. She has long, straight and loose blonde hair and deep blue eyes, an appareance that differs from the original Usagi Tsukino's appearance. Contrasting with her original Sailor Moon counterpart, she doesn't wear serafuku of any kind. Instead, she wears mainly t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. She likes to often wear jackets during winter.