The Sailor Sheiji are the main protagonists of the Infinity Sailor Moon metaseries, being first featured on Sailor Moon: Between Dusk. The Sailor Senshi are a group of mercenaries hired by the US Navy who perform as "Civilian Sailors", led by Serena Usagi Tsukino under the alias of Sailor Moon. The Sailor Sheiji is the core group within the Senshi Corps, and its often aided by the External Senshi when they are in trouble completing missions.

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  • Sailor Moon - The Canadian-Japanese sailor leading the entire Sheiji Corps, specially the Sailor Sheiji. A tough-as-nails, action-man-like woman with a sense of justice (think Batman or Judge Dredd).
  • Sailor Venus - A warrior before the Sheiji Corps was ever formed, and also a famed music artist. A glamour and fashion-loving girl who is nonetheless humble, charitative, caring and friendly.
  • Sailor Mercury - The Sheiji Corps' top strategist, and one of the finest genius in college. A cool cat with high standars who is a proud inventor and a modern-day visionary.
  • Sailor Mars - One of the toughest warriors of the Sheiji Corps, and also one of the most revered. A dedicated and loyal femme-fatale who wishes to give her life for her people if needed.
  • Sailor Jupiter - The army's leading mechanic, and the most skillful technician of the Sheiji Corps. A bubbly and friendly chick who is surprisingly someone smart and clever.

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