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Hello there. If you're reading this, that's good. I was hoping for someone to read my memories, and someone happens to be you! If you don't know anything about this... well, let me introduce you. My name is Serena Usagi Tsukino, nice to meet you. I'm a 27-year-old former Captain Sailor who started as a mercenary hired by the US Navy. That's right, I was a mercenary once. You must be asking where do I come from, right? Well, I come from Canada, but I have Canadian and Japanese citizenships, if you ask me. That's because I was born to Japanese parents, who maybe came to Canada looking for a better business, if I remember correctly. But that's another story. Now let me tell you my memoirs of how I was recruited and how then became a Captain Sailor whose legend was, aside of being expanded across the world, burned into my brain.