Sailor Moon: Between Dusk (would be known as Infinity Sailor Moon in Japan) is my first attemp at bringing Sailor Moon to a wider audience and an action/fantasy Shojonen series about civilians hired by the US Navy's Senshi Corps to stop the Negaverse from conquering planet Earth. Although the series bears some similarities to the original Sailor Moon saga, it differs vastly from the original in various aspects, such as the personality and the appearance of the characters. The series is therefore a reboot of the franchise aimed at a wider audience. The series is part of the Infinity Sailor Moon metaseries.

Background Edit

The origins of the main character (as well as the series) is pretty much like the original: There were the Moon Kingdom and the Earth Kingdom. Despite the prohibition on relations between people of the Earth and the Moon, Prince Endymion of Earth and Princess Serenity fell in love. Out of jealously and influenced by the evil Queen Metalia, Queen Beryl raised up the citizens of the Earth in a war against the Moon. War that totally wiped out both kingdoms, causing the evolution of life to reset and start all over again.

Before dying, the Queen sent her daughter and Endymion for rebirth on Earth in the 20th century. They become Serena Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba and even before recovering their memories, they succeed in finding each other once again.

Premise Edit

The main premise of the series is that five girls (the Sailor Senshi) fight against the evil forces of the Negaverse, just like in the original Sailor Moon series. Now what's the difference? It's the heroes' radical overhaul and redesign, as they have new looks and personalities. The Sailor Senshi's name now refers to their condition as actual sailors designated to combat the Negaverse's army. They are joined oftern by the External Senshi, consisting not only of the original series' Outer Senshi, but also other "Sailors" who are mostly male -to diversify the group- and some of them soldiers. Certain elements from the original Sailor Moon are retained, such as the Usagi's Eternal Sailor Moon (albeit redesigned) and some of the Sailors' powers.

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