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Omega Yautja
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Biological Information
Home World Yautja Prime
Average Height 7'2" (minimum height for females) to 12'6" (maximum height for males)
Intelligence Level Sentient
Aggressiveness Level Varies
Status Active


The Omega Yautja are taller than any other Predator Species there are (with the exception of some highly modified Super Predators such as Z'loss). They are considered a Sub-Species to the normal and Super Predators. They look like the normal Yautja but are stronger, faster, more agile, and smarter than most other Predator Species such as the normal Yautja, Super Predators and the Hish.

Male Omega Yautja are between 9'6"-12'6" in height while female Omega Yautja are smaller standing at around 7'2" - 8'6". This is unusual for Yaujta as the females are usually larger than males.

Hunting the Super Predators

The Omega Yautja have become enraged at the Super Predator for their misdeeds and actions which include hunting their smaller cousins. For this atrocity, the Omega Yautja hunt the Super Predators.

The Omega Reaches

The Omega Yautja have special area on Yautja Prime that no one is allowed into except for baby Omega Yauta shortly after their birth. These special grounds are called the Omega Reaches. The purpose of this area is to have the baby Yautja get use to a large amount of gravity. Because of the increase of this area on the planet the baby yautja grows up getting use to heavy gravity. It trains until a certain age and when the Yautja reaches adulthood their mass and weight isn't a problem to them as they have been introduced to this type of weight before. This training seems to have a different effect on female Yautja as it makes them smaller and more slender, but also much faster (much more so than the males).


  • The only individual Predator known to be taller than a male Omega Yautja was Z'loss after being mutated as he stood at fourteen feet tall, but this was only due to genetic alterations.

Notable Clans