role Edit

In Digimon:apocalypse he is the silent protagonist alongside Elijahand in Digimon:the world begun he is a main protagonist alongside his brother Neonmon in digimon:light and darkness he will become a more verbal character and will be the primary protagonist.

Appearance Edit

Novamon is a biped(walks on two legs) carnivirouse dinosaur type black digimon with orange stripes ge has two golden horns putruding from the sides of his head and a golden horn on his snout his left arm ends with sharp golden talons(three claws) and he has sharp teeth.He is 4 feet tall and is a virus type he has the fire element.He has spikes on his back.

Attacks Edit

Star ball-creates a miniature sun in his hand an throws it at his enemy creating a large crater and disintegrating all things within it's range

Sun swipe- accumulates fire power in his talons and slashes.

Digivolve-transforms into stronger form.

Matrix digivolve-digivolves to ultimate level

In digimon:apocalypse Edit

He is a primary protagonist in this story and the main digimon character,he meets his partner Elijah after saving him from a bug,he can't talk.In the end he combats leomon while in his Aresmon Form and fights saber leomon as Marsmon.

In Digimon:the world begun Edit

He first appears as an egg,after Plutomon fights weregarurumon he hatches,skipping the fresh stage into a miniature rookie stage,he is a primary protagonist and the main protagonists brother.