Role Edit

In Digimon:the world begun he is the primary protagonist and in Digimon:apocalypse he is an unseen antagonist and in my future piece Digimon:dark and light he is the main antagonist.His character is a portrayal of the tragic hero that has transformed into a force of evil.At first he was an innocent child but now he is completely new.

Bio Edit

He is a resident of the newly formed digital world and is fascinated with his surroundings however when the world he knew was destroyed and replaced with a new terrifying world he must save it.

Appearance Edit

He is a white bipedal dinosaur with a horn on his snout and small angelic wings he has sharp teeth and has black eyes,he has small spikes on his shoulders.

Abilities Edit

Light hail-unleashes multiple light orbs at his enemy

Soaring spike-flies in the air and rams into the enemy.

Digivolve-become larger and stronger