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The Pokemon is owned by Lexi Rose, and has fathered many Vulpixes, which Lexi gives to worthy Trainers. He has the traditional white soft fur, but has blue eyes and only white tails, instead of orange on the tips. He became a NineTails after Lexi accidenatly exposed him to a Stone, but she is rather happy with his abilities.

Lupin and One of his children


Lupin has all the abilities a NineTails has. He often uses his Fire Blast to beat his opponents, but the Blast is very large and fiery. He is gentle, but when fighting, he is ferocious. His jaws have razor sharp canines and teeth, and uses his bite to his advantage. Many opponents have lost because of his strong grip.


Lupin evovled into a NineTails when his Vylpix curiosity got him into nosing a Fire Stone, resulting in his evolution. The NineTails evolved during a battle in a Gym, and his 9 tails merged into one, he grew wings, and his fur was lightly colored green and his eyes were even more piercing blue. His new form has not been named yet.

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