Lance is the main character of Pokémon: Legends of Unova.


Lance has the appearance of the average teenager, with jaw length black hair with bangs that part to the side of his face and dull blue eyes, in addition to having a slight tan due to being in the sun a large ammount of time. He wears a loose black short sleeved shirt and over it a midnight blue windbreaker, as well as black jeans and a worn down pair of black sneakers and black fingerless gloves


Lance is very laid back and calm, however has an explosive temper and is prone to stating the obvious. In addition he also has a habit of making insensative comments that leads many to dislike him, such as Dustin.





  • Lance's appearance is loosely based on that of Leo, another character created by Evnyofdeath.
  • Lance is named after the character appearing in Generation I and II of the Pokémon games.
  • Lance's team is modeled after Evnyofdeath's team in Pokémon Black Version, however there are differences.
  • Lance, Kira, and Dustin each catch one of the three Dragon Type Pokémon families introduced in Generation V. In Lance's case, he caught Deino.