Daddy and Twins

Goku holding the twins, Gohan(left) and Chibusa(right).

Chibusa is a Dragon Ball Z fan character of YueHatake 23:28, November 17, 2011 (UTC)YueHatake. Do not edit without my permission.

Chibusa(Son Chibusa) is the first daughter of Goku and Chi Chi, twin sister of Gohan, older sister of Goten, aunt of Pan, sister-in-law with Videl Satan-Son, paternal granddaughter of Bardock, maternal granddaughter of the Ox-King, and adoptive granddaughter of Grandpa Gohan. She is the second hybrid, half Saiyan and half Human. Her name means 'nipple', a homage to her mother, Chi Chi, which means 'breasts' in slang.

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