• WikiMan

    The only one around here.

    January 30, 2013 by WikiMan

    Hello. If you're reading this (or this), let me introduce myself.

    My name is WikiMan. You can write it as Wikiman, wikiman or WikiMan. Although the latter is recomended.

    I'm writing this because, as you know, this wiki was inactive for some time. Until I stepped in.

    The last activity on this wiki -before I discovered this- was on November 13, 2012. Some thought that this wiki will be dead for life. That's not true. My first edit here marks a 3 month gap between edits. A pretty big one.

    Users Zel'no'di and Nightmare76 are the admins of this wiki, but both are inactive and/or left the Wikia world. Zel'do'ni is inactive since March 4, 2012, while Nightmare76 remains dormant since August 3, 2011. And they haven't been active ever since.

    But neither Zel'n…

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  • Zel'no'di

    Comical story ideas

    January 17, 2011 by Zel'no'di

    If you have an idea for a funny story please tell me or Nightmare76.We will be making a funny Avp story.So remember if you have an idea please tell us. Featured characters:

    • All Predatorial Halo charcaters that are in or are related to Predatorial Halo.

    The story is not canon to any of the characters featured.

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