Ashley Wesker is a Resident Evil fanon character created by YueHatake. Please do not edit without permission.


Early LifeEdit

Ashley was born to Albert Wesker and Arany Vue. She was born in 1996. Albert was quick to inject the baby girl with the T-Virus, as an experiment. However, her body was somehow immune to the viruses. Very curious, Albert had the young baby tested over and over again, but her blood was no doubt immune to the virus. Nineteen months later, Alicia Wesker was born. Like her older sister, she was naturally immune to disease.

Teenage YearsEdit

Ashley and Alicia were shielded from Umbrella and Albert's influence, and were able to grow up like normal girls. However, when Ashley was sixteen, and Alicia was fifteen, Albert located his long lost daughters and killed Arany. The girls were screaming in horror as they watched Albert ingest their mother. He advanced towards Alicia, wanting her blood, but Ashley fought him off. With Albert's superhuman strength, he grabbed Ashley's hair and hit her hard in the gut. She coughed up blood, and Albert took off his glove, wiped his fingers in her blood, and licked it. Before he could say anything, the BSAA's Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine(who had been tracking Albert's movements for some time) broke in and got the girls away in time.

Working For the BSAAEdit

Ashley and Alicia both joined the BSAA when they were eighteen and nineteen. However, because of their parentage, not a lot of comrades treated them kindly, except for Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. The girls were partners, and traveled to the Galapagos Islands to search for survivors because an outbreak of the T-Virus had infected the area.


Ashley is a retarded Mary Sue, like all the other characters here.