== Background ==

Aiko Aburajoi came to the Akatsuki when she was ninteen years old. She, her lover, and her sister had defected from the Hidden Cloud village, interested in the power the Akatsuki shone. She found out about the Akatsuki when the Two Tailed Monster Cat's Jinchuriki, Yugito Nii, had fallen to Hidan and Kakuzu. She was never really liked in her village, and seeked power from the Akatsuki, besides wanting to redeem her family name. The Aburajois had been shunned from the rest of the village when Aiko's father, Fumio, failed a mission, resulting in his squad's deaths. She was nine when Fumio had shamed the Aburajoi Clan. The shame and humiliation soon gripped her father, and he committed sucide, ending his life. Her mother, Hisako, soon died from grief. Left alone with her grandmother and younger sister, Aiko knew that the villagers detested her and her Clan.

Appearance Edit

Aiko stands at 5'7". She has black eyes and dark purple hair. She usually kept her hair short and neat, but when she joined the Akatsuki, she let it grow long and messy. Her nickname around her Akatsuki members is 'Shaggy'. She wears the Akatsuki